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Crisp and sharp reportage of how Sri Lankans are returning to their normal lives after 30 years of civil war, a message of love and inspiration for readers through a brave memoir, dealing with important ethical issues of our time and a work of fiction - IANS Books This Weekend is a balanced lot. Take a look.

Book: Sri Lanka: The New Country; Author: Padma Rao Sundarji; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 322; Price: Rs. 499

The 30-year civil war in Sri Lanka which ended in 2009 shook the island nation. Now there is peace, rapid development and a new government. But questions remain. What do Tamils and Sinhalese feel about their country? What are their dreams for the future?

The book is an anecdotal narrative about ordinary Sri Lankans, former Tamil Tigers, meeting LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran, princes, secular clergymen, army generals, Tamil Buddhists, Sinhalese Tamils, politicians and sailors wary of ghosts.

Book: Crossing Over: From Mental Illness to Mental Wellness; Author: Geetanjali Mehta; Publisher: Amaryllis; Pages: Rs. 354; Price: Rs. 350

This book hold a mirror to the effects of bipolar disorder on the mind, body and soul of the patient. The author, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, renders her heart out in a frank and fascinating insider's look into the world of mental illness. This book aims to help readers understand how bipolar disorder can be effectively treated with the help of medication, therapy, lifestyle adjustments and family support.

Book: Lessons from Ruslana: In Search of Transformative Thinking; Author: Amit Dasgupta; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 198; Price: Rs. 299

Ruslana was the face of a Nina Ricci perfume. With her striking features, she took the fashion world by storm and quickly became the toast of the glitterati. But who was she really and why did she look so unhappy? No one would know until one day it was discovered that she was just another lost and lonely girl.

With Ruslana's tragic world as the centrepiece of this motivational master class, the author explores why we do what we do. He draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. He takes the readers on an inspirational journey, unravelling the mystery behind the questions that haunt us.

Book: The Mug of Melancholy; Author: Rohit Chakraborty; Publisher: Tara; Pages: 368; Price: Rs. 250.

On his 15th birthday, Bhuvan overhears his aunt Neera asking his father to get him trained before he ends up killing himself. During the resultant argument, she hands him a mug full of strange liquid that makes his father so happy that he forgets everything that had transpired. Meanwhile, dark dreams of a beautiful woman start haunting him...a woman who is dead and yet so alive.

A woman named Zoya says she can bring his mother back, but for that he must embrace his roots. Roots that he is clueless about until Neera hires Amaterasu, a Japanese Andrunain who can control fireflies. Thus, the story takes off in a different direction where Bhuvan is on a race against time as he seeks the 'Mug of Melancholy' to bring his mother back, even as Zoya successfully alienates him from his old and new friends.

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