U-Haul truck filled with ATMs found in DC
U-Haul truck filled with ATMs found in DC


WASHINGTON ,D.C.—The police have discovered cash-dispensing machines inside an abandoned U-Haul truck on January 2, days after five ATMs were stolen in neighboring Prince George’s County.

A resident of a Southeast Washington neighborhood called in to report the abandoned U-Haul, which was blocking parking spaces in an area near 2021 38th Street SE.

The police found at least four ATMs and a safe.

The area where the U-Haul was found is just a couple blocks from the border with Prince George’s County.

Prince George’s County did not give the exact locations where the ATM machines were stolen but did say they were scattered in different parts of the county.

Surveillance video showed that the thieves tied the ATM machine to a white truck and then yanked it from its place outside the store.

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Update: 07-January-2017



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