Somalia's police chief is dead
Somalia's police chief is dead


Mogadishu, Oct 31 (IANS) Somalia's Police Commissioner General Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Ismail has died, officials said. A probe has been ordered into his death.


The official unexpectedly fell and died in the course of his normal daily business, reported Xinhua.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed the death and said a ministerial commission has been formed to investigate the death of the commissioner who was a close ally to the prime minister.

"We are shocked by the sudden death of Commissioner Gen. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Ismail," said Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

Speaking to the government's Radio Mogadishu from Abu Dhabi, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called the death "a sudden shock".

Sources told Xinhua that several people, including the workers of the restaurant in which the commissioner had lunch and several of his closest staff, were arrested for investigation and were being interrogated.

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Update: 31-October-2014



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