Ranbir and Katrina to get married next year?
Ranbir and Katrina to get married next year?


Mumbai, March 27: Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s relationship has gone through many ups and downs in recent times, but here’s some good news for their fans. They might get hitched sometime next year. The grapevine also suggests that Ranbir's mom has already started preparing for the big fat wedding. So when’s the big day?

After being in news for their romantic relationship, the couple got tongues wagging when they went on a little break from each other because of their alleged differences over marriage issue.

Earlier there were reports that suggested Katrina didn’t want to marry Ranbir as that would risk her career.. However, the case was exactly the opposite it seems as the Kapoor wasn’t ready to tie the knot. Kat was upset with Kapoor and was very hurt.

However Ranbir finally bent down, and there are rumours that they will get married in 2015. (Bollywood Country Report)


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Update: 27-March-2014



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