Prashant Narayanan enjoys 'Encounter'
Prashant Narayanan enjoys 'Encounter'

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Mumbai, April 17: Actor Prashant Narayanan says the experience of shooting for a power-packed episode of crime-based TV show "Encounter" was as thrilling as working in his 2011 film "Bhindi Baazaar Inc.".

The episode featuring Prashant and Mishal Raheja will narrate the encounter of Shamsher Bhopali, an underworld sharp shooter widely known as the Killing Machine.

Talking about his experience on portraying the character of Shamsher, Prashant said: "Shamsher was a dreaded gangster popularly known as the Killing Machine primarily because of his exceptional shooting skills. My experience of shooting for 'Encounter' has been a great revival of the Hindi thriller 'Bhindi Baazaar Inc.'

The movie "Bhindi Baazaar Inc." was directed by Bhatt.

"Apart from this, I got the opportunity to work with Ankush Bhatt, who had the same passion for a television series as he has for movies. The episode has come out really well and I am sure audiences will love it too," he added.


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Update: 17-April-2014



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