IANS to launch special media project to showcase inclusive India
IANS to launch special media project to showcase inclusive India


Washington/New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) The Frank Islam Foundation in Washington has joined hands with IANS, Indias largest independent newswire, for a media project that aims to tell some remarkable stories from across India, it was announced on Thursday.

Supported by the non-profit foundation started by prominent IT entrepreneur Frank Islam, these stories would challenge the public perception, question stereotypes and try to uncover the diverse, plural and inclusive India, both socially and economically, hidden behind the veil of the popular, sometimes unidimensional narrative about the country and its people.

"The project would focus on stories of social collaboration and communal harmony, of women's empowerment and minority achievement, stories of those who fought against odds not only to improve their lives, but the lives of many others," the US-based organisation said in a statement.

"Our collaboration will allow IANS to strengthen its coverage of such stories that focus on issues that concern the poor, the underprivileged and the marginalised of our country," said Shibi Alex Chandy, Director, IANS.

The project will involve a team of passionate journalists who will travel to different parts of the country to unearth and tell these stories that are often missed or ignored in the hectic daily news cycle.

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Update: 14-September-2017



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