Experts seek use of new carbon trapping techniques
Experts seek use of new carbon trapping techniques


Kolkata, Feb 14: With a global push to limit carbon dioxide emissions, energy experts have called for a roadmap to utilise new technologies that help trap emissions from industries.


Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a set of technologies that can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emission from coal and other gas powered plants and large industrial sources by trapping the carbon dioxide from the power plants and compressing it.

Global energy experts feel there is an "urgent need" to make the switch to such technologies.

"Researchers world over are working on the application of affordable and feasible carbon sequestration technology in different form and getting better and better results," P. Abdul Salam, School of Environment, Resources and Development, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, told IANS on Thursday.

Salam was in the city to take part in a two-day workshop on 'Low Carbon Development and Carbon Sequestration Technology' organised by the MCKV Institute of Engineering here.

"What we need is a roadmap for the future... A plan of action to put in CCS technologies in practice and the stress should be on using indigenous ideas to mitigate costs," principal of MCKV Institute of Engineering Parasar Bandhopadhyay told IANS.


Update: 14-February-2014