Another Kashmiri student joining militancy is 'hugely worrying': Omar
Another Kashmiri student joining militancy is 'hugely worrying': Omar

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Srinagar, Nov 3 (IANS) Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday expressed his displeasure over a Kashmiri student in Noida allegedly joining militancy and called the incident as "hugely worrying".


Abdullah's remarks come after a picture showing the student wielding a rifle and claiming allegiance to the IS appeared on the social media on Friday.

"If this is genuine, it's hugely worrying. Sometimes seemingly small actions have huge consequences," he tweeted.

Ehtesham, a student of Sharda University in Greater Noida, disappeared after he was assaulted during a scuffle between Indian and Afghan students inside the campus on October 4.


In another tweet, Abdullah said: "If what happened to him at Sharda University has led him to choose such a destructive path, it's even more tragic. One more life on the path to ruin and one more family in turmoil."




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Update: 03-November-2018



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