Brazil's Bolsonaro announces 1st woman cabinet member
Brazil's Bolsonaro announces 1st woman cabinet member

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Brasilia, Nov 8 (IANS) Brazil's President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has announced that Congresswoman Tereza Cristina Dias will be his new Agriculture Minister.

Dias, from Mato Grosso do Sul, is the first female cabinet member announced by Bolsonaro and the second woman ever to head Brazil's Agriculture Ministry.

The announcement came on Wednesday after a meeting of the transition team, Xinhua news agency reported.

Dias' home state has a strong agro-business presence. The future agriculture minister is an agronomist and the current leader of the Agribusiness Parliamentary Front (FPA).

So far, Bolsonaro has announced four other cabinet members, including Paulo Guedes, who will head the new Economy Ministry. He also named the judge who jailed his rival as the Justice Minister.

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Update: 08-November-2018



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