Hyundai backs start-up to bring deep learning to autonomous cars
Hyundai backs start-up to bring deep learning to autonomous cars

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Seoul, Nov 6 (IANS) Aiming to bring deep learning (DL) technology to autonomous cars, Hyundai Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experience (CRADLE) on Tuesday announced a strategic investment in Israel-based start-up allegro.ai that specialises in DL-based computer vision.

"Deep learning computer vision is one of the core technologies that can be applied to autonomous driving to navigate roads and make quick decisions in real-time and allegro.ai is clearly an innovation leader in that field," Ruby Chen, Head of Investment at Hyundai CRADLE Tel Aviv, said in a statement.

The start-up's platform simplifies the process of developing and managing deep learning-powered solutions such as autonomous vehicles, drones, security, and logistics among others.

"Our investment in allegro.ai is a further step in enhancing our presence in the Israeli market, a global leader of technological innovation in the fields of automation, AI and DL," he added.

The partnership is expected to speed up deployment of AI technology in the car-making major's many business areas.

"We are proud to partner with Hyundai and share Hyundai's belief that AI empowers the industry to provide greater road safety, autonomy, to better understand customers' needs and to help broaden their experiences," said Nir Bar-lev, CEO and Co-founder of allegro.ai.

Founded in 2016, allegro.ai offers the first end-to-end DL lifecycle management solution focused on DL as it applies to computer vision.

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Update: 06-November-2018



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