Panic in Kolkata Metro
Panic in Kolkata Metro


Kolkata, April 16 (IANS) There was panic among commuters following repeated sparks and sudden darkness inside a Kolkata Metro Railway rake here on Sunday night.

There were, however, no injuries.

Many passengers got out of the train by breaking the window glasses in a desperate bid to ensure their safety near the Netaji station in the Kudhat area.

The Kavi Subhas station bound train from Dum Dum developed the snag while approaching Naetaji station and came to a halt.

"As the lights suddenly went out there was a big commotion inside the train. Many children traveling in the train for terrified and started crying. There was an announcement in the public address system asking the passengers to get out of the train quickly," said a passenger.

"There were sparks earlier also during the journey. We raised an alarm, but nobody listened to us. After the train gales Aa here, the doors did not open. After waiting for five minutes, we finally broke open the glass windows and came out," said another passenger.

The train services were disrupted after the incident.

Metro Railway sources said the problem arose due a power failure.

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Update: 16-April-2018



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